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About Ants Industrial Supply

About Ants Industrial Supply: Here at Ants Industrial Supply, our goal is to provide you with a wide range of products designed to help you with all your industrial and material storage needs. We know that finding the cabinet size, style, and material capabilities often requires a wide variety of sizes and/or adjustments.

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That is why we work hard to bring you a large variety of items from multiple manufacturing plants.

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What Do We Do?

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We started Ants Industrial Supply so that we could help customers with their storage, containment, cleaning, and transportation needs. We knew that the handling of materials on your site requires quality products at affordable prices. That's what we aim to do.

One of the ways we continuously strive to meet this goal is through our wide range of product offerings. In each of our product categories we have a large range of items designed to meet temporary & permanent storage needs.

Here are some of the issues we aim to address:

  • Storage of Flammables: Storing flammable materials often requires cabinets that are in strict compliance with various regulations. Our flammable cabinet collection reflects this need. We offer multiple flammable units meeting OSHA and NFPA Code 30 standards.
  • Fire-Resistant Office Storage: Losing files can be a huge hassle. That's why many of our customers are looking for a way to keep their office files and sensitive material safe at all times. We offer fire-resistance cabinets to keep these materials safe and your mind at ease.
  • Chemical Storage: Like storing flammables, many chemicals, pesticides, inks, and gases require strict storage requirements. We have cabinets for each of these categories to meet all requirements.
  • General Home, Industrial & Office Storage: There is more to storage than flammables and corrosives. We also offer a wide variety of bin storage cabinets for parts and smaller materials, metal cabinets for offices and facilities, and office cabinets for holding books, papers, magizines, and other office supplies.
  • Storage of Drums & Spill Equipment: Some of our customers are looking for a place to keep all their contaminated items after an oil cleanup. We provide spill cabinets with a rod for hanging items, shelves for smaller tools and a large space for rolled up booms or absorbents.
  • Secure Material Storage: Many offices, industrial facitilies, warehouses, and schools require items to keep their valuables safe. We meet these needs by providing secure storage cabinets.

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What Makes Us Different?

industrial ant helping customersWe always work to meet the needs of all our customers. We want you to have a positive experience and find the exact product that your industrial facility requires at a price that works for you. For this reason, we put real live support behind all our products so you can talk with a member of our team and guarantee that you have everything you need.

We also work to keep our product range & manufacturing facilities wide. Many of our customers are located in different parts of the country and even the world. This is why we work to make sure we have facilties that can get your product to your location fast.

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Our Prices

industrial ant providing pricing

Like you, we operate our business on a budget. That's why we work so hard to provide you with competitive prices for all our products. One of the many ways we do this is by offering you products from a wide range of manufacturers in facilities located around the country. This helps keep your shipping rates lower and get products to you faster.

Another way we do this is by providing you with a wide product selection. With many of our products equipped with multiple accessories and choices in construction, you can choose the shelving unit with exactly the amount of shelves you need or the workbench with the added accessories required for your business.

This allows you to purchase only the parts and working materials that you need, reducing the risk that you will have to settle for a product that doesn't meet your needs.

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Our Product Variety

industrial ant bringing varietyTo help meet the wide variety of needs found in the industrial, office, commerical or business workplace, we work to provide you with multiple products with a large variety of part numbers. As of now, we offer over 200,000 items from as many as 250 manufacturers.

Learn about Ants Industrial Supply Product Variety:

        • Bin Cabinets: Great for storing & organizing small parts and materials.
        • Chemical Cabinets: For corrosives, paints & inks, pesticides and oil
        • Fire Resistant Cabinets: Double walled & secure
        • Flammable Cabinets: In many sizes & styles for keeping flammables safe
        • Gas Cylinder Cabinets: Store your gas cylinders horizontally, vertically or both!
        • Metal Cabinets: Any size, style and capacity you might need.
        • Mobile Cabinets: Transport materials or computers. Great for schools.
        • Office Cabinets: Stylish yet economical units for businesses and homes.
        • Security Cabinets: Keep essential products safe in these mesh or solid units.
        • Spill Containment Cabinets: Space for all contaminated spill cleanup items.

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Questions about Ants Industrial Supply? Please give us a call @ (+1) 772.646.0597
or (+1) 888.703.9889
and our team will be happy to help you.

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