Any Cabinets with Higher Shelf Capacity than Justrite?

Metal Cabinet for Heavy-Duty Materials

Metal Cabinet for Heavy-Duty Materials

Cabinets with a Shelf Capacity over 1000 pounds

Hi. I have been viewing your Justrite cabinet and I see that it can handle up to 1000 pounds per shelf. Is this the highest capacity any of your cabinets can handle or is there a cabinet with a higher shelf capacity?

Hello. Thank you for contacting us! While the Justrite storage cabinet is great for storing heavier items, we do offer several other cabinets that can handle 1000 pounds or higher per shelf. One example of these storage units is our metal cabinets for heavy-duty materials. These durable units sit at seventy-eight (78) inches tall and are constructed with long-lasting fourteen (14) gauge welded steel. Each individual cabinet contains adjustable shelves that can handle either 1500, 1600, or 1800 pounds of weight per shelf.

While the cabinet mentioned above is styled very similarly to the Justrite one, a unit containing a different style would be our metal storage cabinets. These heavy-duty units contain both shelves and drawers, offering you are variety of different ways to store your materials. The shelving capacity for these shelves is 1500 pounds. The capacity per drawer is 250 pounds.

Also available with a shelf capacity above 1000 pounds are our vertical storage cabinets. These units can come in models with or without added drawers and have a shelf capacity of 2000 pounds.

Hopefully one of these options can provide you with a solution to your storage needs. You can view our full selection of products on our Metal Cabinet Main Page.

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