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Bin Storage Rack that can be Labeled

Bin Storage Rack

Hi. I m looking for a bin storage rack that has labels. I need to store a lot of different items, some that are larger than others. They can cause some weight so the frame should be strong.

Thank you for contacting us! We do offer a Rack with Bin Storage that could help you store that materials that you have described. To help you quickly identify and access your materials, these bins do have the ability to be labeled. Additionally, they bins themselves come in both colors of red and green. Depending on what type of materials you are hoping to store, this could help quickly distinguish between items and make finding your product even easier.

Accommodating your requirements of size and strength, the shelves in this rack are completely adjustable. This will allow you to move one or more shelves up or down, giving you room for larger items while still have space for the smaller ones. The frame of this rack is made with strong and lasting steel that should be able to support heavier materials. Different models are also available with doors if some of your items are private or require additional protection.

Models of this cabinet come in different sizes, with a different number of bins, and with numerous amounts of shelves. The number of bins varies anywhere from forty (40) to ninety-four (94) while that number of shelves various for nine (9) to eighteen (18). This can help accommodate both the size of you materials as well as the number of different items you have.


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