BT30 Flammable Cabinet for Under Fume Hood

(Fremont, California)

Flammable Safety Cabinet

Flammable Safety Cabinet

I am looking for one of your BT30 Cabinets to go under a fume hood. These are in compliance with NFPA code 30 right?

Thank you for your inquiry! We do offer the BT30 Flammable Safety Cabinet. This safety cabinet is only thirty-five (35) inches high, making it the ideal size to fit under your fume hood. As you have mentioned, these safety cabinets are in compliance with both NFPA code 30 and OSHA regulations. This will give you assurance that your cabinet will provide you with the highest level of security when storing flammable materials.

These flammable cabinets are constructed from all-welded eighteen (18) gauge steel and have double walled doors for extra security. Inside these units is a two inch leak proof sill that will catch any leaks that may occur while your materials are in storage. Also built into this unit are fusible links that melt when they reach of temperature of 165 degrees and automatically shut the doors of your cabinet. This means that in the event that a fire breaks out in your cabinet, it will stay completely contained.


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