Can a Bin Storage Cabinet Store Parts and Tools?

Plastic Bin Cabinet

Plastic Bin Cabinet

Hi. I am looking for a new way to store my small tools and parts. I currently have them stored in a cabinet with shelves but I was hoping for a way they could be better organized. Would bin storage be good for this? Which bin storage cabinet would you recommend for at least 100 different parts and tools?

Thank you for contacting us! Bin storage is actually ideal for this kind of storage. When using storage cabinets that just have shelves and drawers, a high level of organization can sometimes be very difficult to achieve. For the materials you want to store, we would recommend our industrial bin metal cabinet. This bin storage unit offers two (2) different models, one with 185 bins and three empty (3) shelves and one with 227 bins. Either would be more than enough to store your 100 different items all in their own individual storage space. This will allow you to easily find and identify the parts you need.

Without knowing exactly the weight of the items you need to store, this unit offers a large capacity of storage including a 650 pound door storage capacity. Plastic bins also offer durability so you can remain confident that your items will be secure for years to come.

This bin cabinet is just a suggestion based on the description you gave. Their are also a variety of other standard style bin cabinets that contain more than 100 bins, including the bin bulk storage cabinet and the plastic bin storage cabinet. The full variety can be found on our bin storage main page.

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