Corrosive Cabinet for Uneven Floors?

Corrosive Storage Cabinet

Corrosive Storage Cabinet

Corrosive Storage Cabinet for Safe Storage

I am looking for a way to store my corrosive liquids. I am worried about how a cabinet will sit on my floors because they are slightly uneven. What would you recommend?

Thank you for your inquiry! For your uneven floors, we would recommend our Jamco Corrosive Storage Cabinet. This flammable cabinet is designed not only to safely store corrosive materials, but also to adapt to floors that are not even. In order to achieve this, the cabinet comes with adjustable leveling feet. To further guarantee safety and security for your cabinet, they also contain a grounding connector.

In the event that your materials do happen to spill, leak, or slightly tip over in your cabinet, your area will be protected by a two inch leak proof sill. This sill will capture all your leaks and prevent them from exiting the cabinet and causing more damage to your floors or the surrounding area.


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