Do General Multi-Purpose Greases, Oils, And Paints Require A Special Cabinet?


I was about to purchase a storage cabinet for our company and wanted to know if general multi-purpose greases, oils, and paints require a special cabinet or just steel.

I guess I would need one cabinet for aeresol paints. I think there is a flammable sign on it.

My boss has to check the product specs for the cabinets first. Then I can come back to your company.

Please provide further cabinet information and the price.



Thank you for asking. If the liquids are flammable - the label on the side will say - then a flammable cabinet will be required. To suggest the proper flammable safety cabinet we would need to know how much you have to store. We have a 22 gallon capacity version.

You'll receive the price quote and cabinet specs shortly.

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