Do You Have A 22 Gallon Safety Yellow Flammable Cabinet?

(Mississauga Ontario, Canada)

I am looking for a 22 gallon safety yellow flammable cabinet. I would prefer flammable cabinet with manual close doors if this is the cheapest.

Do you offer garbage drums or bins for flammable rag cloths too? I need one of each both smallest and cheapest, please. Price quote should include freight cost.

The garbage drum and bin for flammable rag cloths should have approximately the same size as the cabinet of if there is smaller - one only plus freight.

Thank you.


Thank you for the inquiry. Yes we do have a 22 gallon safety cabinet. Take a Look at The BS22 and BM22 cabinets. One is a self close version the other is a manual clsoe flammable cabinet.

The storage cabinet page can be accessed by following this link -- Model BM: Safety Cabinet with 2 Doors, with manual or self closing doors

We do carry the Justrite Oily Waste cans in red, silver and yellow - see • Oily Rag Waste Flammable Safety cans and trash bins

We have emailed the estimate for the flammable storage can and cabinet and look forward to being of assistance.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us.

Flammable Storage Cabinet team

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