Do you have a Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet for 30 Gallon Drum?

Flammable Drum Storage

Flammable Drum Storage

30 Gallon Drum Storage

Do you have any flammable liquid storage cabinets that can store 30 gallon drums?

Thank you for your inquiry! We do offer a Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet that is designed specifically to hold and store either thirty (30) or fifty-five (55) gallon drums. Since storing your drums requires storage that is both efficient and safe, these cabinets are manufactured as part of our collection of flammable cabinets. This means that this cabinet will protect materials stored in your drum in the event that stored materials spill or leak while in storage.

To offer you variety, these flammable cabinets come in models that can store your drum either vertically or horizontally. Additionally, all models are manufactured with a fusible link activated device. This device is designed to automatically shut your doors in the case of a fire or high rise in temperature. This will effectively contain the hazardous materials to inside your cabinet, preventing spills and destruction to your storage area.


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