Do You Have A Schema For Venting Up To Three Safety Cabinets At The Same Time?


I want to know if you have a schema for venting up to 3 cabinets together at the same time.

Can I connect three cabinets at the same time for venting? Please could you check if you have venting system available? Do you perhaps have an internet schema for any venting for download available?

We will try our best to help. At the moment we don't have an internet schema for cabinet venting for download available. In general, venting of flammable safety cabinets is not recommended. The purpose of a safety storage cabinet is to secure the internal contents from a fire outside the flammable cabinet. A cabinet that is vented could minimize the ability of the safety cabinet to secure its contents from a fire. To find out if you have to vent your safety cabinets:

1. Analyze classification and the total capacity of the chemicals that will be secured in the flammable cabinet.

2. Check with your local Fire Marshall to find out if venting is required.

3. Call your business insurance provider and ask them what they recommend

4. Contact your OSHA consultant for a local air quality evaluation.

If you have further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at (+1) 772-646-0597

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