Do you have a Small Gas Cylinder Cabinet?

Vertical Propane Tank

Vertical Propane Tank

Small Vertical Cabinet for Gas Cylinder Storage

Do you have a small gas cylinder cabinet for storing only a few propane gas cylinders? I need to store them vertically.

Thank you for contacting us! Our smallest gas cylinder cabinet has the dimensions of thirty-five (35) inches in height, thirty (30) inches in depth, and eighteen (18) inches in width. This will give you enough room for storing a maximum of two gas cylinders. The standard size of these cylinders is twelve inches in diameter and twenty-two and half inches in height. As requested, this cabinet is manufactured with thirteen (13) gauge mesh sides and is designed to store these cylinders vertically.

To provide you with the highest quality of safety, these cabinets have lockable mesh doors and meet OSHA 1910 requirements.


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