Do you have a Stainless Steel Metal Storage Cabinet?

Stainless Steel Cabinet

Stainless Steel Cabinet

Hi. I am looking for a metal storage cabinet that comes with stainless steel doors. Do any of your cabinets come in stainless steel?

Hello! Thank you for your inquiry! For stainless steel storage, we can recommend two different storage cabinets. The first is a standard steel storage cabinet that is made from #4 stainless steel. This durable unit comes with one fixed shelf and three adjustable shelves that allow you to arrange the structure to fit the materials you need store. This unit also comes with a keyed handle that provides you a way to keep your items secure.

The second stainless steel cabinet we offer is very similar to the first, but has the option of coming with a supply of storage bins. Depending on the materials you need to store, this bin storage cabinet can provide you with extra organization for your items while still offering the same great features of stainless steel. These units also offer you the option of adding six (6) inch legs to the bottom of the structure to lift the unit and protect it from water or moisture damage.

Hopefully one of these options can provide you with a great solution for your storage needs.

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