Do you have Mobile Cabinets for Computers?

Mobile Computer Security Cabinets

Mobile Computer Security Cabinets

I am looking for a mobile cabinet to store my computer and electronic supplies. I am looking to roll these carts to various locations so they can use the computer. I do want to store the computers overnight so I would prefer a cart that could lock. What would your recommend?

Thank you for contacting us! We do offer a large supply of mobile carts and cabinets for computers. While many of these mobile units could easily store your computers, we would recommend our mobile computer security cabinet. As opposed to some of our other cabinets, these secure units can lock the entire computer system in the cabinet without having to move anything around. This can make packing up your computer at the end of the day safe and leave you assured that your computer will be secure. Additionally, this particular security cabinet also comes equipped with keyboard and printer shelves that slide in and out for easy access.

These computer cabinets are available in light gray, champagne, black, and blue. They also offer a three (3) inch cord hold that makes plugging the computer in new locations easy.

Hopefully this cabinet is what you had in mind for computer storage. If you would prefer a rolling cart that does not look so much like a cabinet, we also have a rolling cabinet cart. Our full selection of computer storage can also be found on our mobile cabinet page.

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