Do You Have Securall Cabinets For Storing Gas Cylinders

Securall Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

Securall Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

I prefer Securall cabinets and am looking for one to store my gas cylinders. Can you help?

Thank you for your inquiry! We would be happy to help you! For gas cylinder storage, we would recommend our Securall cylinder cabinet. This gas cylinder storage cabinet is manufactured with sixteen (16) gauge steel and meets both OSHA and NFPA requirements. This manufacturing gives this storage cabinet the strength to protect your cylinders even if the cabinet is accidentally jarred or hit. Additionally, this cabinet is designed with expanded metal openings so your gas cylinders can receive proper ventilation even in storage.

This gas cylinder cabinet is also lockable, making it a safe place to store your cylinders by limiting the risk of theft. If you would like to view more gas cylinder cabinets, please visit our gas cylinder storage page.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Ants Industrial Supply Team or place your order, please contact us by phone: (+1) 888.611.3036

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