Do you Sell Different Sized Lockers?

Cabinet Locker Storage Units

Cabinet Locker Storage Units

Steel Lockers for Compartment Storage

I am in need of lockers, but I am looking to get different sizes. I will need about 3 full size lockers, 2 half size lockers, and couple of smaller lockers. Do you sell these?

Thank you for your inquiry! We do sell two different types of steel lockers that might work for your requirements.

The one closest to your stated needs are our cabinet locker storage units. These set-up stylish lockers are constructed with eighteen (18), twenty (20) or twenty-two (22) gauge steel, making them durable and strong when storing your items. To address your needs for different size lockers, these units sit at either sixty (60) or seventy-two (72) inches high and are divided into either one, two, four, or six compartments. Additionally, all these units can be combined to form one larger structure. This can provide you with an easy way to store all your lockers in the same location.

Also available are our steel lockers. These cabinet lockers are made with either one, two, or three doors, providing you with different compartments for storing each of your items.

Hopefully one of these units will be perfect for your locker needs.

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