Do you Sell Steel Cabinets with Drawers?

Steel Storage Cabinets

Steel Storage Cabinets

Cabinet with Drawers that Can be Labeled

Do you sell steel cabinets that have drawers that can be labeled so I can identify all my individual items? How many drawers will they have?

Thank you for your inquiry! We do sell a steel storage cabinet that has drawers that can be labeled. The number of drawers that will be in your cabinet depends on which model of the cabinet you choose to purchase. The two versions of this cabinet come in either a heavy-duty series or a light-duty series. The heavy-duty series has models that contain either nine (9), fifteen (15), sixteen (16), twenty (20) or twenty-eight (28) drawers. For the light-duty cabinet, models come with either eighteen (18) or thirty-six (36) drawers.

Since the cabinet itself remains the same size regardless of how many drawers it contains, the model you choose will determine how large or small each individual drawer is made. For example, the cabinet with nine (9) drawers will have drawers that are each 5 and 3/6 inches wide and 3 and 1/16 inches high. Comparably, the cabinet with twenty-eight (28) drawers will have drawers that are each 2 and 2/16 inches wide and 2 and 1/16 inches high.


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