Do your Mobile Cabinets have an Upper Lip on the Top Shelf?

Customizable Mobile Cabinets

Customizable Mobile Cabinets

Mobile Cabinets with an
Upper Lip

I was looking at your customizable portable storage cabinet and I was wondering if they have a security lip on the top shelf.

Thank you for contacting us! Our customizable portable storage cabinets do contain a top shelf that is protected by an upper lip. This lip is manufactured on three sides of the top area and is present on each of the individual models. This means that regardless of which way you decide to customize your carts, they will always provide you with a way to transport materials on top of the shelf. For more security, the bottom floor shelf of each cabinet it additionally built with a front lip edge.


If you're looking for more carts with an upper lip, we also have a bin mobile cabinet that contains a one and half inch (1 1/2") lip on top and locking mobile cabinet
with an 800 pound capacity.

You can also view our full variety of mobile cabinets on the Mobile Cabinet Main Page.

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