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120 Gallon Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

(Ontario, Canada)

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet

We are in need of a 120 gallon flammable liquid storage cabinet. Are they Class 111?

Thank you for contacting us! We do offer a Flammable Storage Cabinet that can store up to 120 gallons of flammable liquid. As you have requested, this is a Class III storage cabinet and has been manufactured to comply with OSHA standards, as well as NFPA code 30 and UFC 79 standards. This will allow you to store your flammable liquids in a cabinet that can handle the amount of flammable materials you need, while still keeping them safe.

The model that is capable of handling 120 gallons is the FM Model and is designed with manual close doors. The dimensions of this cabinet are fifty-nine (59) inches in width, thirty-four (34) inches in depth and seventy (70) inches in height. It contains two shelves, although extra shelves are available if necessary.

To keep your flammable cabinet in the highest level of safety, all these types of cabinets are designed with precautionary and adjustable features. Some of these features include lead fusible link for shutting down your cabinet in the event of a fire, and two inch leak proof sump that can collect flammable liquid in the event of a spill. For a complete view of all these features, please visit our Flammable Cabinet Safety Features Page.


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