Flammable Storage Cabinet To Store Flammable Liquids In A Body Shop

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet

I do collision repair and need a flammable storage cabinet where I can store flammable liquids in my body shop. What sizes do you have available? My fire marshal said they have to be OSHA approved.

Thank you for your inquiry! We have several flammable cabinets available that meet OSHA as well as NFPA code 30 requirements. Our standard models are either thirty-four (34) or forty-three (43) inches wide and can be anywhere from thirty-five (35) to sixty-five (65) inches tall. These sizes provide storage of anywhere from twenty-two (22) to one hundred and twenty (120) gallons of materials. This variety offers you the ability to choose a flammable cabinet that most accurately meets your needs, limiting the amount of storage space that is wasted.

If you're looking for a storage cabinet that is a little more slender, our BA and BJ models are only twenty-three (23) inches wide and have only one door. Additionally, we also offer under counter storage cabinets that are thirty-five (35) inches tall and counter-top storage cabinets that are twenty-two (22) inches tall. All three of these units provide different ways of storing your materials, giving you a variety of ways to save space. This will allow you to store your materials where they will be most useful to you.

All our storage flammable cabinets are lockable and contain two (2) inch leak proof sills. This will allow you to keep your flammable liquids secure and prevent any damage due to an accidental spill.

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