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Flammable Storage Cabinet

Preventing Spills and Providing Safety

Need a safe way to store your flammable liquids? A flammable storage cabinet will keep your liquids away from the elements so there's no chance of spontaneous fires or hazardous spills. All models are additionally manufactured with spill containment sills, preventing outside damage even if an accidental spill occurs while in storage. Complying with regulations such as OSHA and NFPA code 30, these cabinets offer reliable storage that won't cost you fines.

Cabinets vary in shape, size, featured doors, and materials used. Read more..

flammable storage cabinet
Creative Metal Fire Safety Cabinet
utility cabinets
Durham All Steel Utility CabinetDurham All Steel Utility Cabinet
flammable storage cabinet
Edsal Flammable Cabinet
jamco flammable safety cabinets
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 1 Door/Manual Close (BA)
safety storage cabinet
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 2 Door Manual Close w/Feet (FM)
safety cabinet
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 2 Door/Self Close (BS)
flammable safety storage cabinet
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 1 Door/Self Close (BJ)
jamco safety cabinet
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 2 Door/Manual Close (BM)
self close safety cabinets
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 2 Door/Self Close w/Feet (FS)
storage cabinet
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 2 Door/Manual Close (BF)
piggyback flammable cabinets
Justrite PiggyBack Cabinet
bi fold flammable cabinet
Jamco Safety Cabinet - 2 Door/Bi-Fold w/Feet (FF)
slim line flammable storage cabinet
Justrite Slim Fit Cabinet
flammable liquids cabinet safety
Justrite Liquid Cabinet
double wall flammable cabinets
Securall Double Wall Cabinet
stainless steel flammable liquid cabinet
Securall Stainless Steel Cabinet
countertop flammable cabinet
Justrite Countertop Cabinet
flammable liquid storage cabinets
Jamco Safety Counter Top Cabinet - Manual Close (BY)
flammable storage safety cabinets
Jamco Safety Counter Top Cabinet - Self Close (BU)
flammble liquids cabinets
Justrite Compact Safety Cabinet
under counter flammable safety cabinet
Jamco Safety Under Counter Cabinet - Manual Close (BT)
under counter flammable liquid cabinet
Jamco Safety Under Counter Cabinet - Self Close (BK)
flammable containment cabinet
Justrite Wall Mounted Cabinet

Flammable Cabinets Variety

Determining which flammable unit is best for you depends on the size of the items you are looking to store and where you want to store your cabinet. For a standard size cabinet, models such as the Edsal Flammable Cabinet or the Jamco Safety Cabinet with Feet are a great way to go.

For added safety and protection, many of our flammable storage cabinet models, such as the Jamco 2 Door Self-Close Cabinet and the Self Close Cabinet with Feet offer the added feature of self-close doors. This means that these units are equipped with a self-closing mechanism and fusible link. When fire conditions reach a certain temperature, the fusible link will start to melt triggering the cabinet to close its doors. This action further protects flammable materials, even when you're not around.

Have tight or limited storage space? Also available in this selection are flammable storage cabinets such as the Justrite Countertop Cabinet or the Justrite Piggyback Cabinet that are small enough to be stored on countertops, mounted to walls, or placed on other units for more compact and flexible flammable storage.

Also available are Creative Metal Fire Safety Cabinets that can store multiple combustibles including paints, inks, pesticides and corrosives. For aerosol cans or cleaning supplies, a compact Utility Cabinet from Durham is a great choice.

Other Product Categories:

bin storage cabinet
Bin Cabinets

fire resistant storage Fire Resistant Cabinets

gas cylinder storage cabinet
Gas Cylinder Cabinets

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