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Hazardous Material Cabinet
with Spill Trays

(Tiverton, Canada)

hazardous material cabinet
Cabinet for Storing
Hazardous Materials

I am looking for a hazardous material cabinet with spill trays for storing some harsher acids. I need the cabinet to be able to hold 60 gallons. Do you have this?

Thank you for your inquiry. A great safety cabinet for storing the materials you described is our Safety Chemical Cabinet. This storage cabinet is designed specifically for the storage of acids and corrosives. As such, its exterior is covered in a corrosive-resistant urethane that protects it against acids and various other materials.

As you requested, this chemical cabinet does come with a 3/4 inch leak-proof tray designed to catch any of your hazardous materials before they cause contamination to your site, business, or location. This tray can catch up to 5 pints of material.

For added protection, this acid storage cabinet is also equipped with shelves that contain removable polyethylene sheets. With a reliable and strong material like polyethylene, these sheets help to provide a layer of protection for you materials as they are being stored on your shelves. As a plastic, this also helps allow for an easier cleaning process.

In terms of sizing, these storage cabinets come with your choice of closing doors. The first choice is to have two self-latching manual close doors. If you are additionally concerned about safety, the second choice offers a single self-closing, self-latching safety doors designed to protect your materials at all times. Both versions of this storage cabinet are available with sixty (60) gallon capacities.

These chemical cabinets comply with both OSHA and NFPA Requirements.

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