Heavy-Duty Security Cabinet with One Door?

General Security Storage Cabinet

General Security Storage Cabinet

Security Cabinet with Only
One Door

I am looking for a heavy-duty security cabinet to lock up materials that will weigh about 1000 pounds combined. I would prefer one with only one door.

Thank you for contacting us! We do offer a variety of different security cabinets that are designed to keep your materials safe. For the requirements that you mentioned, we have two possible models that can help meet your request.

The first model is our general storage cabinet version. This durable security cabinet with all welded construction has a storage capacity of 2000 pounds, and is manufactured one heavy-duty lockable door. Inside the cabinet are three shelves that are made from twelve (12) gauge steel. This provides stability and support when storing valuable items. This cabinet also offers the option of having a mesh see-through door that can allow more ventilation to your stored items, while still keeping them safe.

The second security cabinet has many similarities to the first. It has the same storage capacity of 2000 pounds and can be manufactured with only one locking door. The sides of the cabinet are made from fourteen (14) gauge steel and its feet and locking door is made from twelve (12) gauge. Additionally, it contains durable shelves.

Hopefully one of these models can provide you with the kind of storage you were hoping to find. You can always view our full selection of security cabinets on the Security Storage Main Page.

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