How Much Weight can a Security Cabinet Hold?

High Security Cabinet for Heavier Storage

High Security Cabinet for Heavier Storage

I need a security cabinet that can handle large amounts of weight, somewhere between 1000-1300 pounds. Do you have a locking cabinet that can handle this kind of weight? I am worried about the materials causing the shelf to bend in the middle so I would prefer if it was made out of something durable.

Thank you for your inquiry! For the kind of weight you are looking to store, we would recommend our high security cabinet. This secure cabinet is manufactured in three models that have a shelf capacity of either 1200 pounds, 1650 pounds, or 1900 pounds. Whether you are looking to store somewhere between 1000-1300 pounds on just one shelf or in the cabinet has a whole, these shelves can handle that kind of weight.

For the shelves to support this kind of weight, each individual shelf is manufactured with reinforced steel. This allows them to properly support and store these heavy materials without having the kind of sagging or metal bending you have described.

Hopefully this secure storage cabinet has the right features and specifications for your materials.

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