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Metal Bin Storage Cabinets

Hi. I am looking at your metal bin storage cabinets. I was wondering, what are the colors for the bins that are in this cabinet. Also, how many bins will be in my cabinet?

metal bin storage cabinetThank you for contacting us! The amount of storage bins and/or the color of the bins will depend on which cabinet sizes you choose. These Bin Storage Cabinets are each designed with a different width that measures either 38 inches, 48 inches or 60 inches. As your storage unit grows in width, the amount of bins that can be stored in this unit also grows.

For the 38 inch cabinet, the bin capacity is as much as 134 bins. For the 48 inch cabinet, the bin capacity is 180 bins, and for the 60 inch cabinet, the bin capacity is 252 bins.

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The bin storage is designed to provide versatile storage through the use of several different sized bins. This helps to organize small, medium-sized, and large parts or materials without having to waste space or mix storage items. Each size bin is additionally color-coded to help further separate and organize your materials.

Cabinet Features:

  • Heavy gauge Steel Construction
  • Maximum Security


Bins for these storage cabinets are typically color-coded based on their size. Blue typically indicates the smallest bin option, red indicates the medium sized storage bins, and the yellow color indicates the large storage.

38" Cabinets

The thirty-eight inch bin storage cabinet has a 134 bin storage capacity. The amount of each color bin is as follows:

  • Blue Bins: 48
  • Small Red Bins: 48
  • Large Red Bins: 30
  • Yellow Bins: 8

48" Cabinets

The forty-eight inch bin storage has a storage capacity of 180 bins. This is the middle-sized storage cabinet and contains several smaller bins to help store your items.

  • Blue Bins: 64
  • Small Red Bins: 64
  • Larger Red Bins: 40
  • Yellow Bins: 4
  • Yellow Bins: 8

60" Cabinets

The largest cabinet is the sixty inch storage cabinet. This storage units features a wide width of 60" to help expand your storage options.

  • Blue Bins: 96
  • Small Red Bins: 96
  • Larger Red Bins: 30
  • Yellow Bins: 21
  • Yellow Bins: 9

Want to see more options for metal bin storage cabinets? View All Bin Storage Cabinets.

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