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Modular Drawer Storage Cabinet

Hello. I am in need of a modular drawer storage cabinet, part number 250270A. I am looking for this unit, but I was wondering if it was possibly available in a different size. How many drawers can I store in it?

modular drawer storage cabinetThank you for contacting us! we do have a Modular Drawer Cabinet that comes in a wide range of different sizes to help accommodate varying storage needs. These cabinets are available in six different heights ranging anywhere from 26 7/8 inches to 59 1/4 inches in height. This has helped customers to store large or small quantities of materials, papers, documents, parts, and other filing requirements.

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As you have requested, these modular storage units are available in wide range of heights and include anywhere from three to seventeen drawers (3-17 drawers). Standard models come with three drawers, while taller units can have up to seventeen for large storage or filing requirements.

modular drawer cabientHeights Include:

  • Desk High: 26 7/8"
  • Table High: 30 1/8"
  • Bench High: 33 1/4"
  • Mid-Range High: 37 3/16"
  • Counter High: 44 1/4"
  • Eye Level Height: 59 1/4"

This range of heights is designed to help address different storage needs and requirements.

In addition, these cabinets contain several other safety and storage features to help meet you specific requirements.

    SafetyLink: The safetylink feature is designed to prevent accidental tipping of the unit by automatically drawers when one drawer has been opened. This means that once you have opened a drawer, all remaining drawers will be locked to prevent several drawers from opening at once and tipping the unit over.

    400 lbs Capacity: Each drawer additionally contains a storage capacity of 400 pounds. This has helped store large quantities of papers, documents, tools, and other storage materials.

Each modular drawer storage cabinet is additionally equipped with a dove gray exterior and modular drawer design. The varying in heights and sizes of the drawers help to store materials that have a wide range of storage or materials that require a specific organization.

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