Office Storage Cabinet to Handle a lot of Weight

Storage Cabinet for Offices

Storage Cabinet for Offices

Heavy-Duty Office Storage Cabinet

Do you have an office storage cabinet that can handle a lot of weight? I am looking to store many books, papers, magazines and documents in one cabinet.

Thank you for contacting us! We do sell a heavy-duty office cabinet that can specifically handle the type of materials you are describing. When you're looking to store a large amount of weight like you described, it is important to have a larger shelf capacity to support your items. This particular cabinet has a shelf capacity of 400 pounds per shelf. This could allow you to store a fair amount of books or magazines on the same shelf without having to worry about the shelf collapsing.

Some other important stability features that this cabinet offers includes two front leveling glides. These are designed to level out your cabinet in the event that your floor is uneven. This kind of flexibility helps to ensure that your filled cabinet will not tip over. This office cabinet also offers reinforced doors and a 3 point locking system of security.

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