Portable Storage Cabinet with Workbench Top?


Workshop Storage Cabinet

Workshop Storage Cabinet

Mobile Cabinet with Workshop Top

Do you have a portable storage cabinet that can also function as a workbench?

Thank you for contacting us! We do offer a workshop storage cabinet that is mobile and can be manufactured with a work area top. In order to meet a variety of different work needs, these work area tops can be manufactured with six different materials. Included in your choice is twelve (12) gauge or larger steel, laminated maple, flush mount maple, hard top, plate top, and flush mount hard top.

To further adapt to your work conditions, the bottom of these mobile cabinets can be designed with either one or two storage spaces. The mobile unit with only one storage area contains a few large drawers that provide easy access to stored materials. The metal cabinet with two storage spaces would have, for example, drawers on one half of the shelf and interior shelving on the other side. This provides you with a way to customize your unit to fit the materials you will most frequently need to access or store.


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