Safety Storage Cabinet

by Loraine
(Illinois, USA)

We have recently had a safety evaluation and been inspected by our insurance carrier and then also the fire marshal (yeah not fun). Anyhow, we were told to store our paint thinners and solvents etc in safety cabinets.

We have a 55 gal drum and then also have some smallers cans and 5 gallon pails.

Looking at the Jamco safety cabinets displayed we would need a drum safety cabinet (please can you include the accessories - roller and ramp) and then also I think a 60 gallon flammable cabinet will work.

Is there a plus to having the manual closing safety doors or self close? If the price variance is not much I guess the auto closing doors on the flammable cabinet would be better..??

Anyhow we are located in Illinois and would need freight cost estimate too.

Do you offer Justrite or Securall Safety cabinets too?

Thank you.


Hi Loraine - Thank you for your inquiry.

We have seen an increase in the inspections and yours is not uncommon. Safety first.

I would recommend our Jamco Safety Cabinet which can store a 55 gallon drum and cans. Model BW, BV and BO, 2 doors, with manual or self close doors

You can store the additional cans in a separate flammable storage cabinet like the BM60 or BM45Model BM: 2 Doors, with manual close doors.

As for self close and manual close, it comes down to safety protocol. The self close is preferred as people forget to close doors behind themselves and the cabinet is really not functional with the doors open, but if it's in plain view and your team is diligent then manual closing safety cabinets are fine. For peace of mind consider the self close.

I have sent the estimate along with freight and these chemical storage cabinets are in stock.

We do offer Justrite Safety Cabinets and have included those options. Securall Safety building are available too for larger capacities.

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Flammable Storage Cabinet Team

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