See Through Heavy Duty Steel Cabinet

Steel Storage Cabinets

Steel Storage Cabinets

I need a heavy duty steel cabinet that should be see through so our factory workers can see what is stored in it. What sizes do you have?

Thank you for your inquiry! Our steel storage cabinet is designed with a fixed height of seventy-eight (78) inches, an optional depth of either eighteen (18) or twenty-four (24) inches, and an optional width of either thirty-six (36), forty-eight (48), or sixty (60) inches. This offers you a few different combinations so you can choose the storage cabinet that will best fit your storage needs and storage space. This heavy-duty storage cabinet is indeed available with mesh see-through doors that provides equal strength and durability, while still allowing your workers visibility to stored materials.

These steel storage cabinets offer strength and support through their extra heavy duty fourteen (14) gauge steel welding. Finished in a gray powder, these units are great for either bolting to the ground or transporting by forklift. They are also manufactured with a three point locking system and four inch high legs. This provides your items with security and prevents damage to items stored at the bottom of the cabinet.

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