Small Office Storage Cabinet to Store on Floor

Desk and Counter High Office Cabinets

Desk and Counter High Office Cabinets

I am looking for a small office storage cabinet that can store books, documents, and other relevant data. These materials are not accessed frequently, so I would prefer if they were small and out of the way. Is there a way to store them on the floor without having to worry about water damage?

Hello! Thank you for contacting us! For the requirements you specified, we would recommend our desk and counter high office cabinets. These smaller units are available with a height of either thirty (30) or forty-two (42) inches, allowing them to be stored on the floor and out of the way. To address your concern about documents and papers being damaged due to their closeness to the floor, these small storage cabinets are manufactured with raised base. This extra base lifts the bottom shelf higher off the ground so it won't be affected by moisture or other materials on the ground.

These units can be made in a variety of colors to match your office including black, champagne, sand, light gray, and medium gray. They also contain adjustable shelves so you can store your materials in the most effective way possible.

Hopefully these storage cabinets can work for your office.

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