Tennsco Standard Cabinets Have Different Models?

Tennsco Storage Cabinets

Tennsco Storage Cabinets

I am looking at the Tennsco standard cabinets and it says that it comes in wardrobe, standard, and combination models. Is it only a styling difference?

Thank you for contacting us! Our Tennsco office storage cabinets are designed to offer you flexibility so you can pick the cabinet that best fits your needs. The differences between the three model types is based on what combination of shelves and clothing rod you require for your storage. The standard model features only shelving and is designed to function as a standard storage cabinet. The wardrobe style is designed specifically for the storage of clothing. It does not feature any shelves and contains one long clothing rod.

The combination model, as its name suggests, had a little bit of both. It contains a clothing rod on half the cabinet and shelving on the other half. The model that you choose will be based on what type of materials or items you need to store.

If you're looking for even more storage options, our metal office storage cabinet has a model that contains a clothing rod, shelves, and drawers. Hopefully one of these style can help you store your materials.

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