What is the Advantage of Having Expanded Metal Doors?

Open Metal Storage Cabinet

Open Metal Storage Cabinet

I was looking at one of your metal storage cabinets that has expanded metal doors. What is the advantage of having this over solid metal doors?

Thank you for your inquiry! Their are a few advantages that expanded metal doors, like ones in the open metal storage cabinet, can offer. In general, expanded metal gives you more visibility to the stored items. This can be useful if the storage cabinet will need to be accessed by multiple people in your office or facility. Having doors that still allow visibility to inside products can save time and allow different people to quickly locate and retrieve the items they need.

Expanded metal can also provide ventilation to your stored items. This can give materials a more natural setting and atmosphere, as opposed to constantly being contained in metal. Expanded metal doors will still provide you with locking doors or handles for your security needs.

Hopefully this helps to answer your question.

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