What is the Benefit of a Multi-Colored Bin Cabinet?

Storage Organizer with Mult-Colored Bins

Storage Organizer with Mult-Colored Bins

I am looking at your bin storage cabinets and I was wondering why some of the bins are all yellow and some all are multi-colored.

Hello! Thank you for your inquiry! The difference between a bin storage cabinet with yellow bins and a bin cabinet with multi-colored bins is an extra level of organization. If you're looking to store many different small parts, extra organization can sometimes make finding the part you're looking for quicker. In a lot of ways, it is just a matter of personal preference. Both kinds will give you durability and stability when storing your materials.

There are, however, sometimes differences in the cabinet construction. Some bin cabinets have different levels of strength in their construction and some have additional options of legs or are capable of being lifted by forklift. When deciding which bin cabinet you need, colored bins can be part of the decision, but the style cabinet can also fit additional needs.

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