What Safety Features does the Wall Mount Flammable Cabinet have?

Flammable Containment Cabinet

Flammable Containment Cabinet

I am looking for the wall mount flammable cabinet with the part number 892300. Do you have this cabinet in stock and do you know what safety features it comes with?

Thank you for contacting us! We do sell the flammable containment cabinet that you requested. This storage cabinet is designed specifically to make your flammable material storage extra safe. The additional safety measures it features is a haz-alert reflective label, a u-loc padlockable handle, and spillslope safety shelves. The reflective label and padlock focus on outer security but both making sure the flammable cabinet is visible and making sure the items inside are secure. This can provide you with more ease of mind when storing potentially flammable materials.

The SpillSlope shelves are another added feature that are designed to support your items while they are in storage while also helping to contain spills. Some other ways this cabinet helps to keep your items secure is with back wall vents.

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