What Tools Included in Tool Holder Kits?

Multipurpose Cabinet

Multipurpose Cabinet

Multipurpose Cabinet

What do the tool holder kits on your multipurpose cabinets contain?

Thank you for your inquiry! Our Multipurpose Mobile General Storage Cabinet is designed to help you store a variety of different tools in a way that can they can be easily accessed. Rather than having to rummage through drawers to find the exact tool that you need, this mobile cabinet is designed with a variety of different holes that can hold different sized hooks. Depending on the hook that you decide to use, these items will hold items that are either heavier or lighter.

Accompanying this cabinet is sixty (60) piece tool holder set that includes many different tools and items. Located within this set are many different hooks for storing each of your tools. To give you a proper variety there are thirty-three (33) single hooks, nine (9) double hooks, four (4) plier hooks, one (1) ring hook and ten (10) spring clips. Beyond hooks, this tool holder set also includes a screwdriver unit, a wrench rack, and an allen key unit.


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