Which Storage Cabinet is Best for Pesticides?


Pesticide Storage Cabinets

Pesticide Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinet for Handling Pesticides

I am looking for a storage cabinet that can store pesticides while they are not in use. Which type of metal cabinet can handle this material?

Thank you for contacting us! For storing pesticides, we would recommend using our Pesticide Storage Cabinets. Finished in a safety green, these chemical cabinets are designed specifically to store pesticides in a safe container. To guarantee that these materials will be safe while in storage, they have been designed to meet OSHA, NFPA code 30 and UFC 79 standards.

These chemical cabinets are designed to function in the same fashion as a flammable storage cabinet. They have double-walled doors, two inch leak proof sills, and one and half inch insulating air space. They are also equipped with polyethylene tray liners on the shelves and sills. This type of material has a higher resistance to chemicals and will not rust or corrode over time.


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